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Thread: MS Movie Nights

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    Default MS Movie Nights

    MS Movie Nights
    5/8/20 | #ms #movies #edgegamers

    Grab your popcorn and gather around. Member Services will be hosting movie nights every Saturday in Discord. Movie nights will alternate between standard movies and anime.

    If you're interested in helping to select what will be showing each week, keep an eye on the General Chatter forum for a poll each Wednesday. Movies must be rated PG-13 (or less) and less than 180 minutes total runtime.

    Disclaimers and Rules from MS Event Team:
    Not all movies will make it onto the poll.
    Some movies despite being pg-13 are not suitable for all audiences, please be mindful of this.
    Sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control, a movie night might not happen. In the event of this, the next movie night will still be on the following Saturday.

    Do not talk during the movie or you will end up being muted.
    All eGO rules apply.
    Please only talk in the designated text-channel.

    Click Here to Suggest Movies

    Check EdgeGamers out on Social Media:
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