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    Default Medal of Honor: Jade

    Medal of Honor: Jade
    4/30/20 | Artist: december | Writer: Legend | #medal #of #honor

    Medal of Honor: Signifies members who go far above and beyond their normal duties to serve their community, whose contributions enhance EdgeGamers in invaluable ways. Understanding that message, it is easy to say that Jade, our fearless Minecraft Community Manager, falls right in line with that definition.

    Jade joined the Minecraft Leadership team in 2014. A few months later she took on the responsibility of leading the game as Senior Manager. Fast forward four years she made the jump to Community Manager to continue to help shape the game of Minecraft within our community. We're very thankful for the connections she has built with her Leaders and members, as well as the culture she lives and breaths in her game. Jade is a unique leader and we're lucky to have her on board.

    Thank you for all of the work you've done over the last 6 years Jade. Congratulations on your Medal of Honor.
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    Congratulations @Jade!
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    Congrats Jade!
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    congrats! thank you for all you do :]
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    Grats well deserved
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    Congrats Jade well deserved
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    Congrats! Well deserved!
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    Congratulations on being the maid of honour.
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    Congrats! :D
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