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    Default April Community Meeting - April 25th

    April Community Meeting - April 25th
    4/18/20 | Artist: @december | Writer: @webby | Editor: @december | #edgegamers #community #meeting

    Hey all! EdgeGamers will be hosting a Community Meeting on Saturday April 25th, at 8:00 PM EST (Time Zones below). At this meeting, we will be discussing different topics and changes to the community as a whole, including the big GMod merger! After all that Easter chocolate & candy, what's better than to progress the community even further? We have important information for this meeting so make sure you can make it! If you can't, don't worry as notes will be taken during the meeting and made available afterward for all to view.

    This meeting will be held on Discord! Make sure to join a little before the meeting begins.
    Click HERE to join the Discord!

    Time Zones (Meeting Times)
    PT: 5:00 PM
    MT: 6:00 PM
    CT: 7:00 PM
    ET: 8:00 PM
    GMT: 12:00 AM (April 26th)
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    Sorry I won't be able to make it , working 12hr Night Shifts starting Thursday Night April 23rd .

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    ill be there
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    Quote Originally Posted by Depression View Post
    I better get my e tag after this meeting.
    Same, I've been waiting for years
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    Quote Originally Posted by redchance View Post
    GMOD merger!
    gary mod
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