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    Default Easter Promotions and Awards

    4/12/20 | Artist: december | Writer: Arbiter | Editor: xValence

    Easter is a time of celebrations, eating treats, and remembering. Here at EdgeGamers, we would like to take this time to commemorate certain individuals within our community for their hard work and dedication and reward them with a treat. Please help us in congratulating the following members on their promotion and awards!


    @mouse pouch

    Advisor Commendation

    ghost has been a dedicated member of eGO for over a year and a half. In that time ghost has helped the community in many different ways, one of which includes recruiting members for MS. ghost has supported MS while working with the Counter-Strike team, working as a part-time application processor helping to process hundreds of applications during her time in MS. Ghost didn’t stop there, she also wanted to help the community more, applying and then being accepted into the Counter-Strike Event Coordinator team. Since joining this team, she has been outstanding member and is constantly working on bringing in new and exciting events which she continues to host weekly. Her dedication is like none other, and we in the Counter-Strike team are very proud to give her the Advisor Commendation Award.

    Admin Excellence



    @Panda Express

    Advanced Admin Trainer


    Admin Trainer

    @Grumpy Kitten

    Recruiting Coordinator




    Divisional Event Coordinator


    Renaissance Man


    White Hat


    Veteran 1

    @LAPD Pikachu

    Veteran 2

    @Chicken Noodle Soup
    @Nick Jardine

    Veteran 3


    Veteran 4


    Veteran 5


    Spirit of eGO

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    yay, Congrats to all!
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    =(e)= DeerFat 11/13/19
    =(eG)= DeerFat 01/01/20

    No, I'm not ok.

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    Congrats to all!
    11-02-2019 =(e)=
    01-01-2020 =(eG)=
    01-26-2020 JB SS
    02-14-2020 =(eGO)=
    02-16-2020 AT
    04-12-2020 EC

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    Congratulations, Everyone!!
    Join Date: 03-25-2020
    =(e)=: 04-02-2020

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    Congratulations and Salutations everybody , nice to see such a close knit community .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Major Trubble View Post
    Congratulations and Salutations everybody , nice to see such a close knit community .
    Been knew that.

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