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    Default March Community Newsletter

    March Community Newsletter
    4/8/2020 | Writers: @Ciggy, @Freyr, @AbsurdTurd523, @december | Art: @Hedgehog | #edgegamers #media #community

    Time flies when you're having fun here at EdgeGamers and March has definitely been a rodeo. As we are going through a stressful time in our non-virtual life, let's take the time to appreciate that it is the first month of spring, and that summer is right around the corner. Fun fact about March, each year March and June end on the same weekend. Before we take on a great start to April, let's take a look at the accomplishments throughout the community and recap March!

    - @Major Trubble was promoted to manager.

    - EC is now Open.
    - Updates and Bug Fixes have been pushed out for all servers.

    Destiny 2
    – @Shalom and @Hedgehog have been promoted to Managers.
    – Destiny 2 is actively looking for those interested in Sherpa-ing raids and for those interested in joining our Event Coordinator team.

    Grand Theft Auto
    – Zombies… coming soon™️.
    – 3 New Locations have been added into the server: a tavern, the vineyard as well as a Squeeze One Out, a smoothie shop.
    – CCC gained new ownership of PDM by buying the location and changing their name to fit.
    – PD has moved from Mission Row to Vespucci Beach.
    – SSS, Savage Speed Society, opened up for racers and car lovers alike.

    - Also, make sure to vote for our FiveM server on TrackyServer and get $10,000 each day you vote.

    – Our team is continuing to fill our homepage and social media profiles with content and we are actively recruiting. We have open positions in media for writers, graphic artists, and video editors. If you are interested in joining Media please apply here, if you have any questions about joining Media feel free to message a manager.

    Member Services
    – Member services is still closed.
    – March Madness event month was a great success.
    – Keep your eyes open for another month full of events.

    -Released the lottery. Come gamble all of your life savings.
    -New things always coming soon™️

    – Rust support has now been added. We now have a Rust 3x eGO HELICOPTER PVP & TRAINING 101 server!
    – Special thanks to @Godzilla and @kwamaking for getting this started and running.
    - Server IP:

    – New Jailbreak maps and events coming soon!
    – The Rotation Server was switched over to a 2Fort server.
    – With some help from the rest of the community with populating the servers, our numbers on the servers is starting to go up.
    – We are now looking into more DS perks and fun plugins for the servers. So any ideas from the community would be appreciated. If you have an idea for a DS perk, please make a Suggestion post, or message @DrkChocolate on Discord (DrkChocolate#3040)

    World of Warships
    – @Mulligey is our new Tactical Flower Picking Manager. (Yes, that is his title)
    – We reached Maximum Clan Capacity! We will be launching a second clan soon™️.
    – Join us on Discord as we’ve migrated over to the eGO discord. Feel free to drop in and play a couple battles with us!

    Meet The Leadership - Inkery

    Addition of the Director of Operations & New Community Manager

    March Community Meeting

    World of Warships Renewal

    February Wall of Appreciation

    Counter Strike Admin Meeting

    Source Server Downtime

    Destiny 2 Support Announcement

    Nameless Podcast Episode #10

    TF2 2Fort Announcement

    February Community Newsletter

    EdgeGamers Update Regarding COVID-19 Impact on Community

    Help Us Through Amazon

    April Community Meeting
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