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    Default April Recruitment Drive

    April Recruitment Drive
    4/4/20 | Artist: Coder | Writer: Achitect Of Life | #april #recruitment #drive

    The Member Services Team would like to announce that they are hosting a Clan-Wide Recruitment Drive! It will be running from tomorrow, April 5th to April 26th. Any recruit application during this time that is APPROVED and has your name as the first person who recruited them will count as an entry for any of the prizes below. On April 30th, the top recruiters will get their pick from any of the prizes found in the prize pool. The 1st place recruiter will pick, and then 2nd, and then so on.

    1st Place - First Pick

    2nd Place - Second Pick

    3rd Place - Third Pick

    4th Place - DS Code/$5 Steam

    5th Place - DS Code/$5 Steam

    Participant - (3 or more applications) (DS Lite Codes)

    Our top 3 recruiters will be able to choose a prize from our Prize Pool. If you win, contact @Architect of Life for your prize. Click on the prize to find out who donated it. Thanks to our donors.

    Would you like to donate a prize?
    Contact Architect of Life. If he's not available, feel free to create a thread in Contact Leadership!

    Who can participate?
    You must be a member of the community (e, eG, or eGO) with no active bans.
    Your username must be on the "Recommended by" portion on their application.
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    Hope to see you all recruiting on our servers. Appreciate everyone’s time and effort.
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    People can't leave their homes, so what a better time to get people involved in a community? Be nice, be inviting, and be that person they want to come back and play with again! I know you can

    Good luck everyone!

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    Gonna go ahead and bump this thread, if you want to keep up with who has the most recruits and how everyone is doing. Keep it up everyone you’ve done great so far!

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    shameless bump

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