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    Default April Community Meeting

    April Community Meeting
    3/28/2020 | Writing: @webby | Art: @Hedgehog1 | Editor: @Thorium | #edgegamers #community #meeting

    You're invited! EdgeGamers will be having a Community Meeting which will take place on April 4th, at 8PM EST (Time Zones below). At this meeting, we will be discussing various topics and changes that have been going on throughout the community - as well as answering any questions you may have! Come stop and smell the spring flowers with us as we continue to push forward! If you can't make it, don't worry as notes will be taken during the meeting and made available after it ends.

    This meeting will be held on DISCORD! (Yeah, you read that right.)
    (Click this link to join our discord) ->

    Time Zones (Meeting Times):
    PT: 5:00 PM
    MT: 6:00 PM
    CT: 7:00 PM
    ET: 8:00 PM
    GMT: 12:00 AM (April 5th)
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    Wow , for once the meeting is not when I'm on night shift :-) , thanks for the heads up .

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    I'll be there, hope to see everyone there.

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    I thought the last time, the Discord meeting went horribly.

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    thoriums last post to breaking news
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    i'll be there.

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    ill be there (hopefully)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloud View Post
    thoriums last post to breaking news

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    Why can't the image be centered?
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