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    Angry Dumb trivia question by warden

    Earlier a trivia question by warden (Jailbreak) was about a butthole stretching 8 inches and raccoons fitting in 4 inch holes, it was said true and anyone who said false was kos. The warden failed to give enough informatoin, because the terms 4 inches and 8 inches were single-dimensional, which cannot be a hole. Sure, a raccoon can maybe fit through a 4in by 4in hole, but the butthole might not be 8in by 4in wide. this question doesnt have the proper info and should be removed.
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    @Aussie_Dogg please message an admin ingame using @ or & in team chat if you have a warden issue. This sounds like something that should have been sorted out in server.

    This is also ridiculous.
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