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    @Nelly guards only need to give you 3 secs to follow a command, once you realize they are talking to you and go to unmute them its too late are you are dead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nelly View Post
    first of all only warden can use !peace and who cares if guards give you commands, just unmute them when you have to
    very convenient
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    Would ya look at that! it's a Turd...but the twist is, its Absurd!

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    +1 i can see how an !listenwarden command or something like that could come in handy for Ts when you are playing games like exo jump on quake it is hard to hear at all because of the exo jump pack. let alone with everyone spamming mic on top of that.
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    OK so first of all !peace only works when your warden.
    all i am saying is that it would be nice to be able to mute people that you don't have to listen to.
    also if a ct needs to talk to you once in a million years its your fault if you die.
    the command would be used in the beginning of the round and when everyone is talking and you need a breather and just want to listen to warden.
    you also could use the command as a bind and when people are talking just use the bind and you can only hear warden it does not need to be on all the time and it will only effect you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hello? View Post
    Don't forget guards can give you commands sometimes too so this would create some complications
    Not really commands but useful information such as pardons (smh on those wardens who don't look at chat)
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