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    congrats, everybody

    Lead Associate PDM
    Merryweather Security officer
    Senior Officer for Luxa Airlines
    Mechanic for Top Tier Towing
    Head of Security for The Vanilla Unicorn
    Owner of Bean Machine

    =(e)= 10-05-18
    =(eG)= 2-14-19
    =(eG)= removed 3-29-19
    =(e)= removed 6-29-19
    =(e)= added back 10-19
    =(eG)= 2-7-20

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    It means Apple.

    Please... There's not a 's' in my name.

    Not an Event Coordinator.

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    Congrats, everyone have a great day and for the new admins request a retraining HERE
    Thanks Division LeaderCustom Stats thanked for this post

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    "Dying is the highest form of ecstasy" Euphoria Episode 2

    Occupation: Kissing the homies goodnight <3

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    Congrats all! ^~^
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    Congrats to everyone! Glad to see some of my predictions making it to the board! (Also hope to see a couple more surprise promos happening maybe?)

    Also big thank you for the award! <3

    Happy Valentine's everyone!
    ~ HooVay to the Rescue ~

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    Congratulations everyone and Happy Valentine's Day!

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    A big congratulations to everybody, and thankyou to my mentors who reached out and personally taught me about admining. @Capt_dez_nutz @Cascsiany @DDZ ZioNeX
    I only hope to be better as time progresses and support eGO with my all.
    ~ Grounded Justice
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