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    Default Can you whistle?

    Can you whistle?

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    I can both ways sucking in and out, I can whistle 2 songs
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    Can not for the life of me whistle
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    I personally can't to save my life but I most definitely know that @EpicFlamingos can.

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    I'm able to whistle, but not loudly.
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    Not at all lmao, It's something I've never really tried to learn I guess... well of course, I've tried but nothing has ever come from it ahhaha
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    yes, but i tend not to because its annoying.

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    In grade 6 I spent the walk to and from school learning to whistle loud (fairly long walk alone) was like an obsession. First with the index and fourth finger, then thumb and middle finger, then without fingers. Now I can be loud enough to get sour looks from people at a concert...not sure if that's something to be proud of or not.

    It's hard to describe getting that first "vvvv", harmonic, whatever you'd call it, instead of just air. Nobody could've heard it but me, but it wasn't long before I was happily annoying - sometimes shocking - friends and neighbours.

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    yes, i can whistle quite a few songs by beat or by lyric

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