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    Default New logo/icon for my profile

    If anyone is available, just something red kinda like the signature, but without the car and any semblance of continuity between the 2,



    Lead Associate PDM
    Merryweather Security officer
    Senior Officer for Luxa Airlines
    Mechanic for Top Tier Towing
    Head of Security for The Vanilla Unicorn
    Owner of Bean Machine

    =(e)= 10-05-18
    =(eG)= 2-14-19
    =(eG)= removed 3-29-19
    =(e)= removed 6-29-19
    =(e)= added back 10-19
    =(eG)= 2-7-20

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    i can do something @osmosis pm me on discord
    Member Services EC and AT steam - discord
    PM or Add me if you have any questions about anything eGO related

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    I really suggest you have @heidi do it.

    She made my picture

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