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Thread: Favorite Food?

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    Butter chicken is pretty great
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    I like waffles, I’m pretty picky with food tbh

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    Food thatís horrible for me: Cotton Candy Ice Cream donít @ me
    Food thatís not terrible: grapes
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    PIZZA 100% mmmm except pineapple pizza ew
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    @Smoko i know im weird but pineapple and pepperoni is good
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    Spring rolls. I love spring rolls.

    Also love Chicken Alfredo w/ Penne noodles.

    Best pasta I've ever had was at this Gator restaurant at Grand Bend in Ontario. It was a chipotle southwest chicken pasta with penne noodles. Yum.

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    Fave foods would be:

    Steak (rare)
    Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia
    Salad w/ blue cheese dressing
    *Also blue cheese by itself XD

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