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    Default Jail Break Rules

    What is Jail Break?
    Jail Break is a role-playing game mode which simulates a jail environment – players are divided into three groups. The groups are Warden, Guard and Prisoner/RED.

    A warden is selected at the start of the round once a guard types !w – only the warden determined by the plugin can give warden-type orders. The objective for the warden is to maintain control to prevent a rebellion and eliminate prisoners by giving clear & specific orders and playing games which results in killing losers and those who fail to follow orders.

    A guard must maintain control in the jail through killing Prisoners who do not follow the orders or who are rebelling. They must protect the Warden as many Prisoners will try to rebel to kill the warden to cause havoc and win the round. A guard must become warden when there isn’t one.

    • A prisoner (players on the RED Team) seeks to win the round either through following orders to achieve Last Request (!lr), or by rebelling. If you rebel, other Guards/the Warden are allowed to kill you, unless you are pardoned by the Warden.
    • Do not talk over the warden.
    • Do not kill or injure your own team-mates unless ordered by the warden.
    • Do not join Guard if you are not going to be warden, unless there are more than 4 active wardens.
    • Do not complain or argue – report any rule violations in admin chat only once.
    • Do not use an in-game name that cannot be pronounced or typed.
    • Do not influence RTV votes.
    • When the warden dies, it is a freeday until new orders are given (this does not count towards the Special Days Limit). All RED’s are pardoned unless they damaged a guard or are actively rebelling (, inside armory/vents, etc.). ST’s are automatically revoked.
    • As a Prisoner, you may look for loopholes in orders when appropriate. If you are basing your actions of these technicalities, end up being killed for them, and then begin to complain, you are in the wrong.

    Chat Commands
    Type !guard to join the queue for Guard team, and type !leave to leave the queue.
    Type !w as a guard to join the warden queue or to open the warden menu.
    Type !sd as a warden to use special day menu.
    Type @ followed by your message to make a report in admin chat.
    Type !glr if you are one of the remaining 2 RED’s alive to initiate Last Request (Cannot LR on warday).
    Type !peace as a warden to temporarily mute Guards and Prisoners.

    Definitions of common terms
    AFK Freeze – You cannot do anything at all except use text and voice chat unless it will kill you (e.g. getting out of the pool to stop yourself from drowning then AFK freeze). Using taunts that keep your character stationary (e.g. the High Five, the Flipping Awesome, etc) are allowed to be used. Taunts that move your character too far off the line or involves you moving your character to control it (e.g. the Conga or Mannrobics, etc) are not allowed in place of being considered AFK Frozen.
    Freeze – You cannot use movement keys but you can look around, jump and crouch.
    Contraband – Having your weapon displayed. For the Spy class, the Warden may ask you to keep your Sapper out at all times in place of your knife. If not stated, you may keep your knife out until told otherwise.
    Freekill/RDM – It is when a prisoner is killed even though they did not rebel.
    Special Treatment (ST) – A warden can grant Prisoners ST in exchange for contraband, blood-hounding (cannot blood-hound without reward), or by earning it in a game. ST can be any form of special treatment the warden permits (i.e choosing next game, freeday).
    Shift/Crouch Walk – You cannot Jump when told to Shift/Crouch walk unless stated otherwise by the warden.
    Directions: “North, East, South, West” – North is the arrow blip on your mini-map radar and other directions can be determined using this information.
    Distance: “One Step” – Being told to “take one step” can either mean a single jump in a direction or being knifing distance from the location. A warden should give more precise orders if they want you to be within a specific distance (e.g. be melee distance of X).
    RED-Secret – Getting something which is hidden or a place where a T can hide themselves from the Guards’s. A prisoner is automatically KOS for doing this but the warden can pardon T-Secrets for ST’s or during a freeday.
    Last CT/Guard – Last Guard with the beacon MUST kill all prisoners except the remaining 2 T’s unless they are rebelling (it is automatically activated by the server when there is only 1 Guard alive whilst there are more than 4 Guard’s in the team).
    All orders are singular – Being told to “jump” means jump once, being told to “crouch” means crouch once then stand up (unless you are being told to remain crouched or to keep jumping …etc). You can AFK Freeze to type.
    New orders override previous orders – Being told to “keep jumping” and then a new order of “stay crouched” does not mean you should be jumping and holding crouch unless you are told specifically in the same order to “keep jumping and hold crouch”.
    Common Sense: You cannot go anywhere except where you are told (example: If you are told to “go to climb” and then you are told to “jump” – it does not mean you can leave climb to jump). Numpty Clause: if you are told to face cells and then told to do “180 degree turn” then you are told to “jump”, it does not mean you face cells.
    Warden: The leader of the current round. What they say goes.
    Guards: Members of the BLU team who protect the Warden and try and prevent REDs from rebelling.
    REDs: Can also be called “prisoners,” players who try to survive to the end of the round or rebel against the Guards and Warden
    LR: Abbreviation of “Last request,” something that is granted to the remaining REDs at the end of the round by the Warden.
    Bloodhounding: Revealing to Guards/Warden where still-alive Prisoners/REDs are hiding.
    KOS: Abbreviation of “Kill on Site,” may be called by Guards or the Warden onto a RED for breaking the rules, cheating, etc. If a RED is considered “KOS” any guard or Warden may shoot and kill them at any time they see them, unless pardoned by the Warden.

    As a prisoner, you are rebelling if you …

    • do not follow orders given by the warden and guards within 3 seconds.
    • do not put away contraband when told by a Guard after 3 or more seconds.
    • do not back away from a Guard when told to do so.
    • go into or attempt to enter restricted areas: Armory, T-Secrets, Ventilation Areas and Weapon Caches.
    • kill or injure a Guard without their consent (even if they are baiting).
    • have a contraband out for 3 or more seconds unless told to do so by the warden.
    • interfere with games in any form or activate buttons/controls meant for Guard’s.
    • throw any type of grenade or shoot a weapon unless ordered by the warden.
    • leave cells before being told to by the warden unless it has been 2 minutes since round-start.
    • cheat, detour or delay in any of the orders or games.

    As a guard, you must NOT …

    • Freekill and freedamage – this means injuring or killing non-rebellers.
    • Shoot into stacks – instead take cover and get the warden to unstack them.
    • Give false orders or impersonate the warden.
    • Open cell doors or press game buttons until you are told to do so by the warden.
    • Be a Guard if there are not enough Guard’s with a microphone and being warden.
    • Randomly spam-fire your weapon or randomly throw any type of grenade.
    • Aid the prisoners to rebel (gun-planting, baiting, randomly opening vents, not upholding orders, delaying games).
    • Play prisoner games unless it is LR, a freeday, or required to pursue a rebeller.
    • Damage vents or go into them unless you hear/see/suspect a prisoner has gone through (do not camp vents).
    • Kill prisoners for twitching (small mouse movements) when told to be AFK frozen.
    • Kill prisoners for being close to you unless you tell them to back away or to keep a certain distance.
    • Be out of sight from prisoners, unless actively hunting rebellers (do not camp restricted areas).
    • Partake in T-Secrets without actively pursuing the T’s unless it is LR/freeday (do not camp secrets).
    Type !guard to join the queue for Guard team, and type !leave to leave the queue.

    As a warden, you must NOT …

    • Open cells without giving orders.
    • Keep prisoners in cells after 2 minutes from round-start.
    • Give orders for prisoners to carry out whilst inside cells (exception: orders to drop/throw contrabands).
    • Give orders over text-chat. Orders must be given over mic-chat only.
    • Give orders that refer to prisoners as anything else other than T’s, Terrorists or Prisoners.
    • Give special treatment to some prisoners unless earned in a game, exchanged for a contraband, or for blood-hounding (all ST’s must be revoked once there are 2 non-rebels without ST).
    • Keep prisoners crouched without allowing them to stand-up to type.
    • Refuse to repeat unless you have repeated it once already without being disrupted.
    • Put guards in harm’s way without their consent.
    • Revoke a freeday, warday or hide and seek given by another warden before 4:00 (round timer counts down).
    • Restrict prisoners from using text or voice chat (exception: !peace command).
    • Give dishonest, confusing, misleading or trap commands, for example:

    Lying to the Prisoners, for example: you can’t pardon a rebeller only to kill them once they come out even though they didn’t rebel since the pardon.
    Confusing the Prisoners, for example: “When I say go which is not now, go to the blue circle”, then opening the cells and killing everyone who went – or giving so many orders quickly to make them loose track…etc.
    Misleading the Prisoners, for example: “When I type go, all Prisoners go to the big cage”, then saying “go” over mic and killing Prisoners who went.
    Trapping the Prisoners by using terms that are closely familiar to the one they are waiting for you to say/type, for example: typo’s, saying “glow” when awaiting to say “go”.

    The warden must follow these guidelines when playing games to ensure a fair and enjoyable round:
    • Games must be explained by the warden before starting.
    • Games must give all prisoners a chance to fairly participate and compete.

    Example: It is unfair to force prisoners closest to winning to keep on going when there are prisoners behind them.
    • Games that are custom (not a map-game) must not be too difficult unless the warden can successfully demonstrate it in no more than 1 attempt.
    • Games must not be played inside cells.
    • Games must not delay the round, and they must be productive (there must be winners/losers).
    • Games must not reward prisoners with a prize to pick more than 2 prisoners to die.
    • The first game played at the start of each round must be a map game that can be stopped or recalled. This game cannot be the same game played at the start of the previous round.
    • Games cannot be played twice in the same round.

    Exception: This rule does not apply if a prisoner stops the game before any prisoners die.
    Games must not kill more than 50% (ignore decimals) of the participants in a single game.

    Exception: This rule does not apply for special days.

    Exception: This rule does not apply for luck-based games or opinionated games.

    Exception: This rule does not apply for prisoners who could not complete the game UNLESS the warden is able to either 1. class the “furthest/closest” X prisoners as winners or 2. use the “hot lava” concept to eliminate prisoners without killing more than 50%.

    Rules for Special Days

    Any type of special day can only be given once per 3 rounds. The warden must activate and choose as special day using the !warden menu or by typing !sd in chat. The warden MUST explain the special day.

    Day: Warday
    Warday zones must provide Prisoners a safe chance to get guns and leave armory and zones must not be accessible only via a closed-entrance (example: closed door or teleporter). Warday automatically expands at 6:00 or after if specified by the warden but cannot be any later than 4:00. Guards must not leave the warday zone until it has been expanded (unless Last CT), and they must not kill outside the warday zone unless they are on-route & were attacked first (self-defense). Prisoners must actively pursue the Guards and you cannot !lr on a warday.

    Day: Freeday

    A freeday can be customized but it must not restrict areas that aren’t already automatically restricted (armory, vents…etc) and it must not restrict more than 1 movement command (example: you can restrict Prisoners from walking forward, but they can still move left, right and backwards – or you can restrict them from standing up unless they are standing to type…etc). The freeday is automatically revoked at 4:25.

    Day: Hide and Seek
    Warden must give Prisoners at least 45 seconds to hide but cannot exceed two minutes from cell opening. Guards must stay in armory and cannot peak out of armory or into vents until it is expansion time. Prisoners may hide in restricted areas except armory and Guards can go into restricted areas without suspicion. Guards must kill all prisoners with the exception of the last two prisoners that reach last request.

    Day: Hunger Games
    Prisoners have 45 seconds to find weapons and a safe place before they must kill other prisoners until only two are remaining for last request. If there are more than 2 prisoners alive after 5 minutes then all prisoners will be automatically slain. Prisoners must not delay the round by camping and they can team up with other prisoners but they can betray each other at any point. During this special day, Guards cannot be hurt, and must not hurt prisoners or assist prisoners in any way (e.g. blocking bullets, dropping guns, telling them where other prisoners are, using anything to kill or injure them …etc). Warden MUST open cell doors within 5 seconds of activating Hunger Games. Custom Hunger Games is not allowed (i.e. ordering prisoners into a closed off location before activating HG).

    Rules for Last Request
    Last Request (LR) is achieved once there are only 2 non-rebel prisoners remaining. You can type !lr in chat to select a last request, or you can do a Custom LR if the guards choose to participate.
    • You must not use !lr on wardays.
    • You must not use “Hot Potato” in a spot that will kill your opponent.
    • You can cheat during a last request, but it is rebelling.
    • You can activate !lr as a rebeller.
    • Guards may decline custom LR’s or unreasonable LR locations.
    • Saying no rules implies that any form of cheating is permitted.
    • If a prisoner begins the LR without stating any rules, basic rules (no cheating) are implied.

    Rules for Specific Games
    Below are specific rules and exceptions to certain games. You are allowed to play any game that is not listed below as long as it follows the rules above.

    First Reaction/Last Reaction
    You must not play this game unless there are 20 or less Prisoners alive, and it must not be the first game of the round. All orders are singular unless warden states otherwise.You must tell Prisoners that you are now playing First Reaction / Last Reaction.
    When the warden says “Last Reaction ” then the LAST person to do the action dies – and anyone who does not do the action at all will also die – but when the warden says “First Reaction ” then the FIRST person to do the action dies.

    All Luck-Based Games
    You must not play any luck-based game unless there are 20 or less Prisoners alive, and it must not be the first game of the round.
    A luck-based game is any game that does not require any skill and instead requires 100% luck, for example: couch game, duck hunt, roulette, wheel of fortune, keep or pass…etc.

    Simon Says
    You must not play this game unless there are 20 or less Prisoners alive, and it must not be the first game of the round. Simon says can only start with “Simon says we are now playing simon says. Simon says I’m Simon” and end with “Simon says we are no longer playing simon says. Simon says I am no longer Simon”.
    • Warden cannot trick RED’s into simon says starting or ending – prisoners must not be killed for either following the command or not.
    • Prisoners must AFK freeze between commands (unless otherwise stated).– Simon says commands must not be used to play other games.
    • Simon says commands must not move prisoners in any direction (forward/backward/left/right).
    • Simon says commands must not give more than one command out at a time.


    You must not play this game unless there are 10 or less Prisoners alive, and it must not be the first game of the round.
    All questions must be factual and not opinionated or personal. You must ask all questions via text-chat only.
    Opinionated Games
    You must not play any opinionated-based game unless there are 10 or less Prisoners alive, and it must not be the first game of the round.
    • You must tell Prisoners what the game is before giving them the choice to play or not.
    • Prisoners have the choice of whether to participate or not.
    • Prisoners must not change their mind once they have chosen to play or not.
    • There has to be at least 2 winners.


    1) Is 1v100 allowed?
    No, this game allows for the Guards to aide prisoners in winning the round by being able to kill off a Guard.

    2) What exactly is camping vents and secrets?
    Camping would be considered standing and blocking the entrance, exits or inside of the secret/vent.

    3) Can RED’s close the cell doors?
    Rules states ... interfering with games or activating buttons/controls meant for Guard's is rebelling. If the user kills players, it is griefing, follow with the appropriate admin action. If it disrupts the server such as preventing a T to exit cells issue w/k/b.

    4) If a RED continuously restarts the game is it rebelling or server disruption?
    Rules state that as a prisoner you are rebelling if
    ... you interfere with games or activate buttons/controls meant for Guard's.
    If it gets out of hand it can be taken as server disruption.

    5) Is it delaying if on a Guard asks a RED to put away his gun and he puts it away and pulls it back out?
    Yes it's delaying.

    6) During Warday, Can Guards defend fellow Guards who are being attacked?
    This rule is already explained in many forms. One of the simpler forms everyone knows of is "Red is dead". So yes.

    7) A guy has 1 game of ST. With 10 people alive, the warden plays an opinionated game and only a couple RED's participated. Is the ST run out?
    It's optional for everyone to play. So no.

    8) If you give a Prisoner ST, you can't make them stay in cells for their games of ST right?
    ST is exempt from this rule, so you can let them stay in the cells.
    As a warden, you must NOT keep prisoners in cells after 2 minutes from round-start.

    9) Can a Warden revoke ST if there’s more than 3 RED’s left and isn’t guaranteeing LR?
    Warden can revoke ST for a valid reason. All Prisoners must be given at least one game of ST.

    10) If a RED abuses the LR that they wouldn’t be able to in the usual situation. Consequence?
    W/K/B for 1-3 Server Disruption.

    11) If the warden does not repeat, who do we punish if a Guard kills someone for not following the repeat?
    The rules state that the warden needs to repeat commands when asked to, so he should be fired if he does not follow this rule.
    The Guard/s should be warned/swapped so he learns from their mistakes.

    12) Someone is swapped and then goes and breaks more rules during the round, what should happen?
    If after the swap they are doing a minor infraction it should be another warning. If more then minor, ban 1-3 days.

    13) Can the warden modify the parameters of the game after the game has begun?
    As long as no one dies. Yes.

    14) What classifies as a non-map game? Can I do a map game differently and not demonstrate it?
    A non-map game can be considered skill-jumps or other games that are not inside an actual map game. If warden does a custom map game he only has to demonstrate if its complicated. (i.e Warden does not have to demonstrate AFK Freeze death crate, sharks and minnows, or duck hunt etc)

    15) If warden is playing first reaction last reaction, and he doesn't say "afk freeze in between my commands" can you do something like jump when it's first reaction crouch?
    Yes, because you are only supposed to be killing (in this particular situation) the first T who crouches, not the T who jumps.

    16) Would it be allowed if theres 2 Guards left and the REDs are in a stack and one of the Guards slays so the other Guard can just spray all the prisoners down?
    This is disruption and should be followed up by the swap / swap / ban procedure.

    17)If a warden calls KOS on a player and then proceeds to die, does the KOS transfer between wardens or is he pardoned when it becomes a freeday?
    If a warden calls KOS on a player and then the warden dies, the KOS transfers between wardens unless pardoned.

    18) On a Freeday if a Guard goes into a "Warday" map game, and a RED also comes in to the same game, are the Guards allowed to kill the REDs because it is technically part of the game?
    By entering the Warday map game on a freeday you are agreeing to play it. If you are killed by a Guard in the course of playing the game it is not freekill.

    19) Can I say "cheating is allowed" when I'm a warden before starting a game?
    No, they cannot. Make sure you make them fully aware that this is not allowed. If they continue to follow through with it, fire them and follow w/w/ban. It confuses the prisoners and guards on what to do. An alternate is to play race instead.

    20) If the warden gives a command to unstack between two markers without specifying how the prisoners should unstack what is considered unstacked?
    The prisoners would be considered unstacked as long as their heads are not inside of each other.

    21) If you're a Guard and you just finished pursuing vents but you’re still in them, do you think you should be allowed to break another vent in order to get out or should you have to back track and leave through the way you came?
    You must backtrack through vents because as a guard you must not:
    ... damage vents or go into them unless you hear/see/suspect a prisoner has gone through (do not camp vents).

    22) Can Guards follow other Guards KOS?
    No, Guards can only follow a KOS placed by the Warden.

    23) If I order RED’s to be inside a marker and I see a foot outside of the marker, can I shoot their feet?
    No, foot checks are not allowed. If the T is partially in the marker then they are considered inside the marker.

    24) As a Guard, if I see a RED disobey orders prior to to the warden dying can I kill him?
    No, all RED’s are pardoned after Warden dies unless they damaged/killed a Guard or if they are actively rebelling (in vents/armory, shooting gun, etc). The reason for this is to prevent Guards who are not 100% certain that a prisoner rebelled, from freekilling someone who didn’t rebel prior to warden dying.

    25) Can warden offer a T to bloodhound without a reward?
    No, because this is indirectly griefing your teammate. You can only bloodhound if warden offers a reward (ST).

    26) As a RED, how come I get killed for hitting a Guard who is cleary baiting?
    As a T you have a choice to rebel or not and red is always dead unless pardoned. A CT who baits the T’s should be handled accordingly by the admins.

    27) As a Warden, do I have to say “get to the RED side of X game.”, even if the game clearly separates Guard side vs RED side?
    Yes, because new players might not know which is the T side and not all games clearly separates the two sides (i.e Red/Blue).

    28) As a Guard am I able to play RED games to get a better vantage point or play RED games with the ST in games like tic-tac-toe?
    No, guards cannot play RED games unless its to pursue a rebeller or on freedays/LR.

    29) If a prisoner states "no rules" in an LR, is that considered a Custom LR?
    Yes, because this would be modifying the original LR.

    30) Can you use the colors/breakfloor platform to conduct a custom luck based game?
    Yes, as long as you are not using the individual platforms to differentiate between the prisoners in a luck based game.

    31) Can you offer bloodhound to achieve LR?
    You may only offer bloodhound LR if there are only 2 non-rebelling T’s alive and a pardon has already been offered.

    32) Can wardens force prisoners to use console commands during custom freedays?

    33) If Warden starts with an even number of RED's for a team-based game and a RED slays himself to create an odd number is the warden still allowed to play the game with uneven teams?
    Yes, This is to prevent round delay.

    34) Is the game Fish in a Barrel allowed?
    This "game" cannot be played as a normal game but can be done as an opinionated game where prisoners have the choice to play or not.

    Jail Break - Punishments

    sm_revoke "name" <--- will swap the player to the opposite team
    sm_fire "reason" <--- will fire the warden

    The Ban length should depend on the type of Freekill as follows:


    Intentional Freekill (Mass Freekill(2 kills+ and an intent to kill another, In one round)) - Instant 2 Week Ban (20160 minutes).

    Intentional Freekill (Mass Freedamage(Damaging either a lot of players, or damaging a few for a lot without reason)) - Instant 1 Week Ban (10080 minutes).

    Intentional Freekill (Grudge/Other) - Instant 1 Day Ban for First Violation, 1 Week Ban for 2nd Violation.

    Unintentional Freekill (Careless/Continously) - Warn, Warn, Ban (1-3 days max).

    Unintentional and Accidental Freekill - Warn. They should not be banned unless they fall under the Unintentional Freekill (Careless/Continously) criteria.

    Griefing (Mass) [5+ Kills] - Instant 1 week server ban.

    Griefing (Other) [2-5 Kills] - Instant 3 day server ban.

    Griefing (Other) [1 Kill] - Kick for Griefing / 3 day server ban (<---If the user comes back and does 1 kill again it falls under "Griefing (Other) [2-5 Kills]")

    Unless there is a blatant rule violation, you should ask the person in question why they have killed the player, before taking any admin action. Do not take action when in doubt.

    Other Jail Break Rule Violations

    For other violations other than freekilling, such as not being within sight of Prisoners, baiting...etc, follow the basic warn/warn/ban method. Utilize the "sm_revoke" and "sm_fire" commands when necessary and for minor rule violations that may not be ban-worthy.​
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