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    Default New CS Leadership!

    Counter Strike is bringing up two dedicated and hard working members who have gone above and beyond the expectations of an eGO. Please join us in giving a round of applause to the following members on their promotions to Manager.

    @Peoples People
    Peoples People will be assisting CS's Admin Training program. He will help in overseeing the general rules of our servers for Counter Strike and making sure admins are being trained properly and following the correct procedures.

    Shayne will be assisting with support for Counter Strike. He will be helping with the EC program, and making sure our servers are running at top efficiency.

    Huge congratulations to our two new leadership members!!!!!
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    Congrats, good luck.
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    Rules like those are for bronze players...
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    but then MC gets stabbed
    and she's in the hospital on her phone searching "how win a guy over in the hospital"

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    Congratulations my friends. Enjoy it.

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    Interested in joining and a G level admin? Apply here

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    Congrats to the both of you
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