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    Red face Custom Wallpaper

    I am very poor at graphics design, and don't even have the software to do it. Is there anyone skillful who has the ability to make an intricate custom wallpaper for me? I'll discuss specifics if you are willing to help me!
    Hugs and kisses xoxo

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    Whatcha want
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    Quote Originally Posted by dryden View Post
    Whatcha want
    @dryden Nothing to complicated. I was just looking for a wallpaper centered with my name and servamp in a circle and then a diagonal line splitting the screen with 2 different images but faded so its not to sharp

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    @Grumpy Kitten
    Ill see what i can do. I may need to google some things first
    What images?
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    @dryden I would love a Firewatch horizon on one side and a counter strike image on the other
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    Vote for my friend's awp design!

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    I would love to do more of these if anyone wants to send me a request via discord Dryden#0001
    I can do a profile pic too!
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