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View Poll Results: How cold has it gotten for you so far in 2020?

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  • 59 to 50F

    6 3.97%
  • 49F to 40F

    11 7.28%
  • 39F to 30F

    19 12.58%
  • 29F to 20F

    25 16.56%
  • 19F and below aka cold enough to freeze hell

    77 50.99%
  • 60F+ It does not really get cold where I live

    3 1.99%
  • Other (Please explain)

    10 6.62%
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    Default How cold has it gotten for you so far in 2020?

    How cold has it gotten for you so far in 2020?

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    I live in Canada. Need I say more?
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    We get into the single digits around this time of the year and I am in the south. It is madness I tell ya!

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    Like 20F, and I live in the south USA so its not really expected.
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    it is summer
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    Canada, Alberta -45c, on my house we use electric heat, but it produces some steam, that steam leaves the house via a little pipe outside ( I'm not 100% sure on how this whole thing works ) but regardless that pipe outside Froze Solid and the heat did not work, this happened at 2 am-midnight so it was as cold as it gets outside, and to top it all off the house temp went down to 16c (from 21.5c) in about an hour or 2, we fixed it in the morning.

    It was pretty cold.

    Still swimming weather though.


    -45C to F is -49f, yea I know yall are prob dead just hearing that, Americans SMH
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    It hasnt been to bad, -15 at the worst where im at
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    I think the lowest I've seen this season has been 21F, and that was last night.
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    Goes down to -25 on a daily bases Feels like -35 that's how Canada works where i live.
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