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View Poll Results: Which hot cereal do you like most?

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  • Rolled or steel cut oats - Quakers, etc

    39 33.33%
  • Hominy based - Grits

    6 5.13%
  • Wheat based - Cream of Wheat / Malt-o-meal etc

    13 11.11%
  • Other - such as rice or quinoa

    9 7.69%
  • I do not like hot cereals

    50 42.74%
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    Default Which hot cereal do you like most?

    Which hot cereal do you like most?

    Thanks to redchance for this poll suggestion!

    If you have an idea for a poll, please submit poll suggestions in the "Front Page Poll Questions" thread.
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    Hot cereal? Never even heard of it before
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    I love grits

    but never instant grits
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    Cream of Wheat or grits for me. Yum.
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    I never had grits before roughly 6 months ago. Fyi hominy is just a specific type of maise/corn. I used to be an avid cream of wheat / malt o meal fan.

    Regarding oatmeal, I like steel cut but rolled oats are disgusting.

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    I like some cold cereal not hot cereal
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    This one is kinda interesting lmao

    Used to love Cream of Wheat but now switched to Cream of Rice.
    Loooove grits.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Larry_Da_Lobster View Post
    Cinnamon Toast Crunch

    dont @ me
    Only good with chocolate milk

    Dont @ me unless you got an issue and an admin will slowly contact you
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    Instant grits aren’t my favorite. But like some cheesy grandmas homemade grits hit differently I gotta say
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