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    Default Admin commands

    A list of commands would be nice, syntax and all. It probably seems second nature for you vets, not for me or could just be I have insufficient permission.

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    I have PM'd you a list of your commands if you have any question feel free to hit me up in team speak and we can go over anything you need

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    The commands are actually posted in our forums here " " , all I did was copy and pasted in a text file for reference . They should be posted somewhere easier to find , had to do a song and dance to find them , they are in a post within a post , they should be posted in eG Discussions and eGO Discussions .

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    No luck, insufficient permission (privilege). That seems to be a theme for me around here. I don't know, it's not going well for me. Was it this hard for others or is it just me, I'm about ready to give up.
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    hey mercer yeah I think is locked down lol here you go
    The following is a set list of commands that you will have access to. A "/" is required for the command to work, so it'll look like "/command". It is highly recommended that you use global chat "command" so that players in game can see that an admin is present and handling problems on the server.

    Command strings follow a simple format of [/] [Command] following command specific content. The following are the commands that you will have access to and the format that you will need to type in-game to activate them.

    /say [text] -This command sends a message to the main chat box.

    /psay [soldier name] [text] -This command sends a message to the user it is sent to.

    /pyell [soldier name] [text] -This command sends a flashing message to the user it is sent to.

    /yell [text] -This command sends a flashing message across all players’ screens. This command should be used as a last resort message and on limited occasions.

    /kick [soldier name] [reason] -This command kicks the user and sends a message. Reason is mandatory. Do not abbreviate reasons or make them too long.

    /ad [text] -This command allows admins to chat only with other admins. Messages will display to all admins in the main chat window.
    @MUTE [soldiers name] [time (in minutes)] should not be over five (5) minutes.

    Confirm: /yes -This command confirms any say, yell, or kick command. Make sure that the person you are kicking or banning is the one you intended to.
    get with beemermarine if commands are not working in game cheers bud
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