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Thread: Pc Build budget

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    Try this: check out facebook marketplace and craigslists for an existing build that someone is selling that could fit your budget. Give us the specs to it and we can help you evaluate it as a good bargain or bad.
    Also, look at the same websites for a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. The keyboard and mouse can be relatively cheap to get, even brand new. It's the monitor that will be the main issue that can ruin your budget (not to mention you need an OS to install into it). Your budget isn't bad, but there's almost an art form to nickle and dimeing your way into a good PC that will last for a couple of years or so at this price point. Maximum $$$ efficiency is the creed for sub $1000 builds.

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    Late to the party but one of my favorite guides for building PCs is Logical Increments:

    For $800, you're looking in the "good" to "very good" range without a monitor.

    They have a guide specifically for monitors here:

    With your budget, I would aim for a cheaper monitor. Maybe something like the third recommendation (BenQ GW2480).

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