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    Default Holiday Awards and Promotions

    1/7/2020 | Writer: Thorium | Art: december | #edgegamers #awards #holidays

    For some, the holidays are known for spending time with family and spreading the Christmas cheer. For others, it is a time to relax, blast the heat and enjoy the weeks you have off from school. Regardless of what you prefer EdgeGamers has a lot to be thankful for in the past few months; especially members who have put in extra work to make the community a better place to be. We'd like to take this time to reflect upon the past year, and thank those who have stuck with us throughout 2019. Congratulations to those who have received their respective promotions and awards!


    Handy Man


    Thank you for your continued support and help inside the Team Fortress 2 Divison.

    Admin Excellence

    @PastryFoxy, and @GayJay
    These two guys have been instramental in keep the servers punk free. They come in on the servers day and night and assist players who need an admin.

    Advisor Commendation

    This player joined eGO this year, yet he has been active from the very start. He has pointed out issues, taken care of issues, come to events, helped test servers and helped fill servers. He has stepped up and helped whenever he could. Therefore we award @PastryFoxy the Advisor Commendation. Congratulations!

    Divison Leader Commendation

    @Jeff7890110 has been helping our understaffed community keep moving forward and keeping me from losing my mind. He keeps on top of all the tasks and even reminds me of mine when I have a senior moment. Thank you for all your hard work for the eGO TF2 community.

    Veteran Awards

    Thank you for your long term dedication to eGO!

    Veteran 2

    @Mithral Maw

    Veteran 3

    @Dark Moon

    Thanks AdvisorJeff7890110, Supporterdryden thanked for this post

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    - Commanderstitch
    (I wrote an epic paperback novel!

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    Yay! i'm an eG (g) now! get it? tee-hee
    Congrats to all!

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