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    Default Apply for Server Specialist [Open]

    Server Specialist

    Division Application Status: Open

    What is a Server Specialist?

    Server Specialists help test maps, solve bugs, and assist tech team in stomping out problems with the servers. As well as:

    • Server Specialists are the eyes and ears of the servers and are expected to be knowledgeable of the various CS servers.
    • Server Specialists help bring to light various improvements for each respective server.
    • Server Specialists beta-test new additions and improvements of the various CS servers.
    • Server Specialists suggest new maps and ideas with a goal to improve the server.
    • Being a Server Specialist is a great way to get noticed in the community and for future promotions.

    Who is a Server Specialists?

    Our Server Specialist team can be found here

    Eligibility Requirements

    To be eligible, you only need to hold a recruit rank and be active on our servers. Server Specialists will be assigned a designated CS server they are most active on. There is a limit on how many Server Specialists for each respective server so to be a competitive applicant ensure you are active and knowledgeable of the server you are applying for. You are still able to apply if you are part of any other group/team.

    Application Link (Click Here)

    What's Next?

    Once you have posted your application, you will be contacted with the final decision on your application.
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    All applications are now open again~
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