November 2019

3dsam1 is a hard working individual who works with MS to bring the best experience to all of our players.

Some quotes to describe him:

Out of all of MS, he has helped me the most. If I ever need anything he drops whatever he is doing/talking about to help out with any questions or issues I have.

He has been hosting countless events, joined the global event coordinator team, helped minecraft in hosting the UHC event, and has been an exceptional admin that has done a lot to help out a lot of people on the servers. Also he has been helping out multiple people on discord, aswell as processing applications.

Respectful, kind, understanding. Does not get distracted by petty issues. Actively admins servers with excellent cooperation with others. An example that this community can still attract good people to it.

Super active in the CS servers and teamspeak and a very friendly person always willing to help out new people with something. Makes good suggestions on the forums and does a lot of good events for MS, by far one of the more active people I've seen.

Has always been a great guy to me since I first joined Edgegamers and I've seen him do the same for others aswell, he likes to help in the community even when he doesn't have to and puts up some nice events.
Thank you for all the work you have and will do for the community, it does not go unnoticed!