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Thread: Closequaters

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    Lightbulb Closequaters

    Everyone knows the infamous map Closequarters. This is the world famous rdm map. And I say we change the name to RDMQUARTERS. A simple name change would greatly show how people play this map.
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    Once you remove the 7 and extra r from your name, then we'll talk
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    [SM] ADMIN: Permanently banned player "=(eG)= heidi" (reason: Hard R).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Damon View Post
    Once you remove the 7 and extra r from your name, then we'll talk
    YOu got me there. I want to but i forget how to change name.

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    Best map in the game for sure
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    campingquarters*... i love this map but i hate the t room campers ugh, thank god its wall bangable with any weapon now so it helps a little

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    mad cause u dont know how to camp without getting in trouble. best map btw
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    i dont really get rdmed for i know its mostly new players or its just on accident so i dont really say i always get rdmed but its a fun map, and i dont know why you want to change the name of the map

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    but im a great guy just add me i dont bite


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    I don’t get RDM’d but as an admin I have to deal with a lot more RDM reports
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    I don't get RDM'd very much on closequarters. It's a fun map.

    I have another suggestion: can we make people explode if they camp in the t room for longer than 45 seconds?

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    No. From a development standpoint this isn't exactly the easiest thing to do. Secondly, 90 precent of those rooms are bangable. Just shoot back.
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