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  • explaining in RP only isn't clear enough

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  • Not enough money

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  • RP is a hassle compared to automated chopshops/jobs

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  • other

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    Default L.I.E. and its future?

    So a while ago I submitted an S.O.P. for a company (L.I.E.) that would be for people to steal cars and sell them, kinda like a chop shops in other servers, but involving RP, and more like gone in 60 seconds. After a while it was partially approved, and I was asked to RP it for a few weeks first.

    Since then I've opened up multiple times. Only on a few occasions have people come to me for RP sessions, and the rest of the time people don't come (there's more work as a PDM dealership after everyone's bought the weekly cars that they want). I was hoping to have this a thriving business, a mix up in the activities, and to do that I've tried a few different approaches, making specific request, fleet orders, targeting the show cars that you see around town, now just any ol' car that can easily fit in a container.....

    I need help, is this idea DOA? Is my choice with explaining this company only ever in RP making it not clear for what we are? Not enough money compared to drugs? RP is a hassle compared to automated systems?

    Do you have Suggestions? I could have a car placed around the city somewhere, and have it be the first one to find it...... but I can't post illegal stuff on twitter, and skirting that is hard.

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    Real businesses don’t instantly become a really popular hit, especially when you’re offering a low reward for a high risk. You’ll have to keep doing what you’re doing and it will eventually catch on, no need to change your business drastically because of a slow start.
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    if it was an automated system, it'd probably be popping off, much like the rush to find new drug locations....

    I kinda run my price modelling off of gone in 60 seconds, they had 50 cars for $200,000, which is about $4,000 per car. So most cars are less than that because they aren't desirable, but the upper end ones are above..... I've probably spent 30+ hours just standing in the lot in about a week with nothing to do.... I'm switching to a permanent "on call" status now, because that was murder.

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    Well... as you know I primarily play as law enforcement and I didn't even know anything like this existed. The other day when you mentioned I still didn't have a clue what you were talking about. Maybe people don't know about it. You could find subtle ways to market it without compromising yourself

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    I'm with Wo on this, it sounds like you need to market exactly what your job is....without marketing exactly what your job is...without coming off as the usual "Looking for fast money? Call 8675309" tweets lol I can see how this might be surprisingly difficult, but this is the goal you have right now, getting the word out to people who most likely rarely check these forums, that your running a Gone in 60 seconds style operation, which I personally think is an awesome idea.

    The problem is such a situation requires an actual list of the vehicles including pictures because most don't know what each vehicle is by name. Something like this however would help community members learn to associate car images with the names, which is another benefit of your idea.

    I wish you the best of luck with it, it sounds awesome, you just need a way to sneakishly market it while not throwing yourself under the bus. Maybe get in contact with local gangs to offer them the jobs, in turn creating more gameplay for those who choose to join whitelisted groups.

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    I'm already in talks with the mafia, but there's been nothing that's happened there. I have a personal list of every car (not trucks though) their actual price, and an approximate buying price based off of the actual price and their rarity, and I have pictures of every "show car" that I could get my hands on.

    I've gone as far as to say, "we'll take your local cars in any condition, even if you've lost your keys" on twitter, but that's about as far as I think I can push it.... even that may be too far

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    you are usually on opposite timezones to me so its hard to do anything with ya

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cryptic Strolski View Post
    "Looking for fast money? Call 8675309" tweets
    heyyy thats my number D:

    I mean, I see you are trying to make a lot of SOP's and do a lot of things and it's a lot of work. Try for just 1 business idea? I wouldn't say your L.I.E sucks so I'm not voting. Perhaps do full time with 1 business of interest and give it time. Go door to door as a sales man, leave notes around town with your number about it. Just sitting in 1 spot and expecting the world to come...sometimes you have to go at the world itself to get it across.
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    @fillman86 I would be suuuper down to run this with you. perhaps mafia could get involved @Inkery?

    also, I did not know this was a thing or else I would be on this xD
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    Honestly I am looking to get back into GTA after a few months away and I would be very interested in running cars for you bro. I think this would be very interesting but it is going to take some time to grow.

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