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    Hi my name is boop or Robert im 15 i like to play video games in my free time hang be chill, my favorite color is red and im a chill person i have been only been playing for like a week and a half and i play on the ttt server which is really fun and cool i enjoy playing alot it helps bring back the nostalgia of playing ttt on gmod when i use to play it.
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    @TheRealBoop Hey welcome to eGO, how long have you been playing on our servers, and which server is your favorite if you don't mind me asking.

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    Hey @TheRealBoop, welcome to eGO. Hope you enjoy things with us and have lots of fun.

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    What's up, I hope I meet you on one of the servers!

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    welcome, seen u around on TTT. hope u enjoy ur stay

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    Hey Boop welcome to the forums! Good to see you joined.

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    welcome to the glorious community that is EGO
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    Welcome @Boop , hope to see you around TTT

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    Welcome to the eGO forum Boop!

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