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    Default Getting Burnt Out

    Does anyone ever find themselves playing a game so much that you eventually just get burnt out and you feel like you dont want to play anymore, or you just dont enjoy it as much as you used to? If so what game? And what did you end up doing?

    Im in that spot right now with five m. I grinded many many hours into the game. Often times playing 10+ hours a day. And yesterday I was the first day in almost two weeks that I hadnt opened the game. And honestly it was great. I mean I missed it. But I felt like the rp was getting stale (moreso on my end). I felt like I was doing the same stuff, talking to the same people, and I just stopped enjoying Heidi. Considered making a new character but even then idk.

    Any advice on how to not get burnt out, other than the obvious stop only ever playing one game. Although Ill be gone for almost two weeks from December 22nd-January 3rd as Ill be going to Minnesota for Christmas and then moving right after.

    Hope you all have an amazing weekend, and a safe holiday season.
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    Obvious answer: play other games you enjoy

    Not so obvious answer: play less games overall for a while, slow down and savor your experience more

    Meta level 3 answer: find other hobbies to reignite a craving for your unique flavor of enjoyment

    Meta level 4 answer: set the game down for a bit, take a break, let your brain unwire all the expectations it has

    Meta level 5 answer: delete facebook, hit the gym, hire a lawyer

    Meta level 6 answer: minecraft

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    The funny thing about you saying Minecraft is that I had never played Minecraft until yesterday morning. And I was made fun of by Duck and Nick for never have played the game. So that’s definitely something I think I’ll start playing more. But I hope that after I don’t have my pc for two weeks when I come back I’ll start enjoying games again.

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    yeah mouseyy i feel you i have the same with CSGO so im playing league and The Isle more

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    I took a 7 year break from Halo and now I play MCC PC for about 14 hours every day

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    I got RDR2 as a gift so I've been sneaking away from FiveM the past few days. Think of other things to RP as with different characters. I have a character who sells tacos and half ass speaks spanish. It's always good to have a break here and there. :3

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    I considered making another character on five m. But I’ve just fallen in love with the rp with Heidi. So I’ve just been trying to figure out how I could make a character that’s completely different then here. And not use information that Heidi knows. But yeah I have fallen in love with fivem and don’t want to play any other games unfortunately but hate not wanting to get on the server cause I’m burnt out.

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    I feel this all the time after playing csgo for so long, a way I found that help is I take breaks in between maybe map changes or sometime during rounds by just sitting in spectator to go get some water or use the restroom stretch and etc.

    Check out her work or ask for one as well! -->

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    I'd personally recommend starting a new character that's different from your current one. When I first started playing on the server I played as a criminal running turtles day in and day out for around 2 months straight. I ended up getting somewhat bored and burnt out from the same routine, so I made a new character and applied to join the Fire Department and became an EMS. Creating a new character with a completely different personality/play style from my previous one sparked up more enjoyment for me personally.
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    Ive been playing csgo TTT server for 3 year and still have yet to grow bored. Allow your imagination to wander to new roleplaying and perhaps it wont grow so stale.

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