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    Ive played Jailbreak for a while total of 28 days or so and i stopped playing jb and went to ttt :3
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    i usually just play a different game or ya know, go outside. other than that, i completely play a game until im burned out so i dont usually try to avoid it. happened to JB with me, poured about 37 days on the eGO servers and now im burnt out completely. shoutout to the jb players but im taking a break from it, i can definitely say i enjoyed my time though.
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    Best thing i can suggest is either try to find a different game, and dont keep forcing your self to play it, it will just get worse. You can also try to take a break from video games in general, the 2 week break you have would probably do it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mouseyy View Post
    I considered making another character on five m. But I’ve just fallen in love with the rp with Heidi. So I’ve just been trying to figure out how I could make a character that’s completely different then here. And not use information that Heidi knows. But yeah I have fallen in love with fivem and don’t want to play any other games unfortunately but hate not wanting to get on the server cause I’m burnt out.
    Create an alternate character as a cop. Play the lawful side of the law for a bit. It may provide you with a new experience, but also provide you with an alternate view to enable new creativity with your heidi character.

    I also try to take a day off the computer once every week or two. Other than that, I work 2-3 days consecutively at a time of 12 hour shifts, so I'm only on for an hour or so during those days. Helps to break up the repetition.

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    I feel itttt. I have like almost 6,000 hours on CSGO, and the only thing that keeps me here is the people. New people always come, which means new experiences.
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    Yeah I also get burnt out on games. For example when pG and eGO merged I took a break from csgo for like 3-6 months and I just only played jb for like a full 2-3 months then took like a 2 month break and I’m back into it.

    I have about 85 days on jailbreak and almost 3k hours on csgo

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    Quote Originally Posted by heidi View Post
    I feel itttt. I have like almost 6,000 hours on CSGO, and the only thing that keeps me here is the people. New people always come, which means new experiences.
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    So i bought GTA 5 for me and my friend and we played like 24/7 every day and one day we just stopped and never talked about it. we played it again for some time but it wasnt as fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by Architect of Life View Post
    Obvious answer: play other games you enjoy

    Not so obvious answer: play less games overall for a while, slow down and savor your experience more

    Meta level 3 answer: find other hobbies to reignite a craving for your unique flavor of enjoyment

    Meta level 4 answer: set the game down for a bit, take a break, let your brain unwire all the expectations it has

    Meta level 5 answer: delete facebook, hit the gym, hire a lawyer

    Meta level 6 answer: minecraft

    LOL at the minecraft answer.

    Other than the minecraft, this response it golden.

    Gaming can be a... problem.

    So much joy.. and so much frustration.

    I use to spend.. god.. countless hours a day gaming. To the point I "ignored" life.

    On my birthday (May 14th) in 2015 I played almost all day. When i was done, I closed everything down and walked away. My birthday present to myself (and my wife) was to stop gaming.

    Two weeks later, I resigned my eGO leadership position...and started to get back in touch with life. Rehab if ya will after 20+ years of hardcore online gaming.

    Seven days ago I downloaded the new CoD. And I'm really enjoying it. REALLY REALLY enjoy it (cept I die a LOT).

    This time it's different. I've learned to enjoy other things in life. And THAT is the purpose of this post.

    Gaming is difficult to control. I know first hand how addictive gaming is. But when you make gaming a "hobby" and not an "escape", it's better.

    When you learn to put the keyboard/controller down and do something else...even if just a few hours.. when you sit down to game again, it's a little more exciting.

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