November Community Newsletter
12/11/19 | Writers: Blazey, Dryden, mom | Artist: Divinity | Editor: Thorium | #edgegamers #community #news

November was the ninth month of the calendar of Romulus c. 750 BC. In adding January and February to the Roman calendar, November retained its name (from Latin meaning “nine”) but lost its place as the 9th month. In addition to the American Thanksgiving holiday, November also means that December, the month of the holiday break that everyone is looking forward to is coming near!

December Game Spotlight

Holiday Event Week

MTL: Thorium

MTL: Hydra

TF2 Rotation Server

Media Team Recruitment!

October Wall of Appreciation

Missed Last Month's Newsletter?

- Still waiting for private servers.

- All changes can be found here
- Make sure you join the events! They're pretty cool I heard.
- Numerous maps have been rotated on the TTT, Jailbreak, Minigames, BHOP, and Surf servers.

  • Detective tools such as Revive and DNA Scanner have been added.
  • Traitor's radar has been modified to be cheaper and faster

  • Added !pardon and special day "Hide and Seek" for the warden.
  • The T's and CT's will now be given player armor during Last CT and Rebel LR.
  • Spectators have seen many changes with the HUD, player outlines, and will no longer be kicked if server is full.

Surf & BHOP:
  • Changed server name.
  • Fixes to spectator and HUD.. and BOT LARRY.

  • Increased pre-strafe to 330.

  • Changes to the map and round times.

- Server Updates 3

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