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    Post Hide and Seek / December 13

    Hide and Seek

    Hide and Seek will be held on Friday, December 13th
    11pm EST / 10pm CST / 8pm PST

    Host: Shayne

    Event Description
    Hiders hide and seekers seek.

    Event Server:

    Event password will ONLY be given out in TeamSpeak

    Don't forget to join our CS Steam Group! You will receive notifications on our current and future events!
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    Why you awake at these hours shayne.

    I'll see if I can come
    MS AT+ Media support. + [REDACTED]
    Dryden#0001 /id/elsewhere

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    Quote Originally Posted by dryden View Post
    Why you awake at these hours shayne.
    Its only 11, those are rookie numbers :|

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    He posted it at 4:47AM pacific time.
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    May try to get there

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