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    Default Hey Everyone!

    Hi, i'm Kuzy. I've been playing TTT for some time now and I've been enjoying it a lot. I occasionally play other games like minecraft and CoD. I also study computer science which i like to code during my free times, so far i've created an app which locates the nearest supermarket and displays stats and information.

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    Welcome to the forums, seen you on TTT off on and on. Hope you enjoy your stay
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    Welcome to the forums
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    Yoyoyoyo! Welcome to the forums as well ^_^! And ofc welcome to eGO!
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    Welcome to the forums, hope to see you on the server too!

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    Welcome! You should try out the Minigames server

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    Welcome! hope you enjoy your stay and it's pretty cool that you created your own app!

    Check out her work or ask for one as well! -->

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    Hello Kuzy! Enjoy your stay on eGO's forum!

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    Hello and Welcome @Kuzy ,hope to see you around

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