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    So i had a recent admin come to me saying "I heard you act differnt when admins arnt on." Also "There been 4 reports on me in pass 3 days." Thats because i votekick people who rdm if they continue or if there obviously doing it any people saying they rdmed like 3 people ill voteban using my DS powers its only a 30 minute ban they can take break and get food or a drink and think about why they got banned. I get a person banned for either disrespect if there disrespectful i votekick let the lobby vote yes or no if they think its kickable if they come back being disrespectful after the kick or if its really really disrespectful or if its not pg13 against server rules etc ill voteban and again let lobby vote yes or no via what they seen. Then there friends or random trolls say im abusing then continue being disrespectful thats why i had to put in a ban request for bear. So am I abusing or not let you decide after reading this if its over all your abusing ill stop votekicking and baning and not renew my DS.

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    Honestly i was there when everything went down, and all i have to say is, personally i wouldn't've dealt with the situation anymore after the votekick, he didnt need banned. But if 4 people honestly feel it was unacceptable i would have to be a 5th and say yeah a ban was unacceptable and i dont think i would play if i where a new person that messed up once, get votekicked and in the same round get votebanned. this is all good day

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    From what you have said priddle it seems like your following the rules of ds and you can't help these trolls.

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    Contact Leadership if you feel you have a problem with a member of the admin staff.
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    If you gave them a warning and kicked them but they continued to be disrespectful or break the rules, a voteban is completely justified. It's also a voteban which means it's up to the community to decide whether that particular individual should be on the server or not. If someone is banned, that means a majority agreed. All you did was call the vote.

    I haven't noticed anything unjustified or unwarranted in your actions priddle. Keep upholding the rules.

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    Honestly, if its an issue a leadership member will talk to you, if not there's nothing to worry about. Also, its best to get proof, if you are vote banning someone you should also be making a ban request for it to be upped. But again, if you don't get talked to by a LE member then don't worry about it
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    You should not be using vote kick/vote bans for minor things such as RDM. It should only be used in situations/scenarios of major forms of griefing, server disruption, etc(IE Mass RDM, Racism(hard R) and other related things). If you have a problem with a player, make a ban request/contact leadership post with as much detail as possible and leadership can help you out. Alternatively contact admins in the shoutbox, discord, teamspeak, or typing & in chat followed by the message if you have a person repeatedly causing minor problems(Single forms of RDM, etc). Vote ban and vote kick is a privilege than can and will be taken away if abused, DS should not be purchased with the intention of using it to admin. If a player is legitimately disruptive, I encourage you to call a votekick, then vote ban, then follow it up with a ban request. Hope this settles in questions/problems you have, if you have more feel free to message me.

    Going to close this before it gets out of hand.
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