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    Default My New Gaming Rig

    I just purchased Alienware M-17 laptop Intel I-7 9750H Mother Board up tp 4.5 Turbo boost, 16 gig of ram 2666mhz Nvidia RTX 2060 Video card, this is my traveling gaming rig so when I travel I can still game..
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    Hope this one works out for you bro

    This is your shield, come back bearing it or bared on it.

    CPU: Core i5 4590 3.3ghz
    RAM: 16 gb 1600 MHz
    HD : 1 TB WD Black
    MB : ASUS Z97
    VID : EVGA GTX 1060 SC 6GB
    PSU: 1000 watt

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    Me Too OMG Dell Hell... its supposed to be delivered on Monday by UPS

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    Nice! Congrats Swamp! Sounds like a helluva system to be in a laptop, should frag pretty good.

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    Sounds pretty sexy! hope to see you out soon!
    Your friendly neighborhood nrk.

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