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    Howdy folks its nice to meet you all. My names Dustin and I'm an alcoholic. Well in game I am. Currently been doing RP sorta deals on FiveM since last February and have been loving it since. Joined on a server called Devils Brigade, but since then its changes names to a different community name due to drama blah blah blah. I'd say I'm very well versed in RP gameplay. I've ran Mech shops, done high ranking EMS/Police things and even staff junk on large gaming servers. I hope to have a great time in this community and help it grow and build bigger. So far my first impressions are great, my first few nights in the RP city have been memorable and exciting and I cannot wait to have more in the near future. If you ever see a drunk aussie man with a beer hat be sure to say hello.
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    Welcome to Edgegamers, hope to meet this drunk aussie with a beer

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    Thought we were in an AA meeting for a second there

    Welcome to eGO, I'll be sure to keep an eye out for the drunk aussie while I'm in the city
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    Welcome to eGO, hope you enjoy your stay

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    Welcome! Happy to hear you're enjoying our FiveM server ^~^
    Enjoy gaming, gamer!

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    Welcome to eGO. Hope to you enjoy your stay.

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