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    Default GTA V FiveM Limiter option.

    Currently the limiter requires + on the keypad to be enabled, due to me and a few other people not having a keypad it is simply impossible to use, I feel there should be a command or an button somewhere else on the keyboard that can be used to enable limiter, please and thank you .

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    I agree, personally I am able to use the limiter because of my keyboard but have come across people who are simply unable to. I think adding a command like /limiter would help out majorly when it comes to that.
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    Can we get a command that let's you specify a number too. Like /limit 70. And it limits you to 70. Jay please

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    I'm not sure if this applies to every brand, but back when I didn't have a numpad, I used the software that came with the Razer keyboard to rebind my pause-break key to the numpad plus.

    Also, any software that you can ghost a keystroke with will allow you to do the same thing.
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