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    Default You know what! FIVEM

    I've been trying to do things about FIVEM cops being too controlling. It's making the server not fun, and cops have too much power with setting rules of the server, I like order, but minimum sentences? This is not only less pleasant than being mugged for the 15th time of the day, it's too high, and removes motivations to roleplay well.

    It also removes cops ability to just have some little rp that's late at night and be enjoyable. Relieving the stress that is the monotony, that's getting worse by the day in this server. I don't commit crimes for the money, I do it because it's become sooooo boring, and cops are the police state.

    My suggestions, when server wide rules and laws (which wouldn't be set by police anyway) are being made, have a mix of players. Remove minimum sentences, just suggested sentences. Implement more things to do (Open more businesses). Get around to server reimbursements. Have a maximum amount of cops be on duty at once, as if we want to be realistic, then there wouldn't be 1 cop for every 1 or 2 citizens in real life, it'd be more like 0.2%, but a max of 33%.

    Enough is enough! I get that "the server is for cops, and the rest are just there for them to roleplay with" but we are so bored, and the cops have really started to suck the fun out more, and more. Don't repond unless it's, "yes, we're working on it, and it'll be amended in a timely fashion."
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    I dont see a problem with the Police, and too much power? I get that some of the Police man tend to be a bit to much but other than that its fine. And with suggesting to have more open businesses, you can create one yourself and fill in an SOP. Making an maximum amount of cops to be online wouldnt make do much either, being pulled over by a cop being alone in the car, or 2 of them. If you think RP is getting boring, theres alot of things you can do. Thats the thing about RP, you have to have some creativity yourself.
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    "Don't repond unless it's, "yes, we're working on it, and it'll be amended in a timely fashion.""
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    This thread is being closed due to the nature of it. If members can not chip in their feedback on it no reason to keep it open.
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    Constructive discussion is taking place in this thread here --->

    Destructive comments will be ignored.

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