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    Default Dealership Sealed-Bid Auction

    Welcome everyone.

    I have some fantastic news.

    The Car Dealership has managed to find the company that has transformed the Vulcan in Europe and made it compliant with road laws, meaning it is the only road legal Vulcan in existence. Well, I have managed to convince them to create another 5 for US marker, specifically our eGO Los Santos.

    Keeping in mind that the Aston Martin Vulcan is one of the best racing cars manufactured, it is very impressive on the road as well. 0-60 acceleration of those beasts is an insane 2.8s with a mind boggling top speed of 230MPH as well as loads of down force generated by the aerodynamic and slick body of the Vulcan together with the massive rear wing. This vehicle is truly the best car eGO Los Santos has ever seen.

    The auction is anonymous so no one knows what other people have bid. The starting price is 2.3 million. Any bid below that number will be ignored

    The Sealed-Bid Auction will last until Sunday the 24th of November at 5EST. After that time I will contact the 4 people with highest bids to complete the action purchase.

    It's the 4 people as I have the first prototype we created for the US market. If anyone interested in the car would like to see the car in person before placing a bid, feel free to contact me via Discord, Twitter or text.

    I hope everyone is having a fantastic day and I wish everyone best of luck. Let the auction begin.

    Some pics of the car:

    Form for bidding -
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    230 isn’t really mind-boggling, smh my head, unless that’s bone stock

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    Only people that can win the auction are the bosses of businesses probably..

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    And Logan maybe, but yeah, not in the slightest attainable for most

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    The time has passed and the people with the bets will be contacted shortly.

    As not all vehicles have been auctioned off. The auction will continue until Saturday, the 30th of November at 5PM EST.

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