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    Default GTA Possession of Narcotics

    Can we force someone's character to carry a specific object that looks similar to narcotics BEFORE they transfer it to their vehicle or sell it? This would prevent Fail RP in the form of people claiming that they were just "talking" with someone when interacting to sell drugs. There are other excuses people use aswell and it is nearly impossible to prove that someone is fail roleplaying with not physical item to use as a reference. To get rid from their hands, they should be able to "move item to pocket or backpack" but they would need to get it back out to transfer it to another player, AI character, or a vehicle. I think this would create more realism and discourage people from abusing this loophole.
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    100% Yes please. In real life, police witness drug deals go down, they see a white baggie or something in hand when watching, larger packages when offloading more than a couple baggies, right now there is absolutely no way to claim witness to this.

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    Upvote. Makes for a lot less confusion for everyone.

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    What i do when im transfering stuff usually now is i use/me or wyen im cleaning money through inkery i use f11 and get out a case with money

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    That’s great and I respect players who actually make an effort to be fair about their role play and not just exploit every avenue they can find to win. Unfortunately the majority of our players don’t even use /me. Most of them don’t even read chat when in a scenario with other people so they don’t even reply to a /me. Players on the server ask for cars and gangs and jobs etc.. non-essential things. I rarely see people making suggestions on bettering the overall role play atmosphere. I think making narcotics an object will help achieve this as there’s very few frequent civs that don’t run dope to make money.

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    Tbh, I’ve seen real drug deals and lemme tell yah, it’s pretty hard to see.

    Although GTA LE has discussed something like this before, it’s just never been seriously looked at. I’ll bring it up at our next available meeting to see if this is something we’d like to add for you guys.

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    In real life as long as you can see the hands you can tell what's going on from a reasonable distance. In GTA we're also limited by not being able to see body language and objects printing through clothing. Those are all things that make these transactions obvious.

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    maybe an emote when e is pressed for when drug is exchanged(secret hand shake). its very hard to see dimebags from a distance.

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    "Bags" are usually small and distinctive though. Once you associate them from experience with narcotics, you can legally articulate it into reasonable suspicion.

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