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    Default Should I start playing Destiny 2 again?

    So I see you guys got your Destiny 2 thread (congratulation btw)

    So I've been wondering if Destiny 2 have improved since i left it a little over 2 1/2 year ago.
    I remember D2 being fun to play at first and the gear grind to random drop cap being fun, but after you reach the soft cap, then you could only get loot from raids, crucible and weekly stuff.
    I kinda disliked, but understood it, however I and some friends completed the raids, crucible and weekly loot within 2 days of reset. Got our loot, but being a small or no upgrade at all. The only option to keep improving was trough p2w, which left us with 5 days doing nothing but ****ing around.

    So give me your thoughts on how the game is currently standing and if / if not the game have improved overall.

    I also heard that Bungie bought full control over Destiny 2. So Activision and blizzard is not part of the D2 team anymore, which hype my hopes up since bungie said they would make Destiny 2 great again.
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    play it. game fun
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    About the last part: Bungie is no longer part of Activision or Blizzard (which is why its on steam and not the blizzard launcher lol)

    i find the game fun
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    @Shalom have the game changed concerning the loot? And is it worth doing the missions on the islands after getting soft cap?

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