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    Default Minecraft UHC Tournament Prizes

    Minecraft UHC Tournament Prizes
    11/18/19 | Writer: Thorium | Artist: december | #edgegamers #prizes #mc #event

    You can't have a tournament without some prizes! EdgeGamers is proud to present the winners of the upcoming UHC Tournament held by the Minecraft EC's with some sweet rewards.

    1st Place - $50 Gift Card to Steam/Amazon (Your Choice!)
    2nd Place - A selection of one of the T-shirts on the EdgeGamers Merchandise Store
    3rd Place - One month of Dedicated Supporter

    No idea what this UHC Tournament is? Check out the rules and the people participating here!

    We hope to see you there!
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    If I win imma spend it all on crates and keys LMAO

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