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    Default Yo Dawgz, its ya boi Ivan back at again after like 3 months of inactivity!

    Hey, i'm You See Ivan....! I registered here a few months ago to get a CT Ban repealed (for the eGO CS:GO jailbreak server) but I haven't really used the forum or this website in general very much. Is there a way to see my total playtime in eGO servers? Thanks!

    I have some questions, they're probably in an FAQ I haven't found yet:

    -What do event coordinators do?
    -What are some events happening soon where I can get to know y'all better?
    -Which chipmunk is getting the best head?
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    Hey welcome!

    You didn't join on a good note I'm guessing but hope the rest of your stay is pretty awesome. We're a pretty friendly bunch!

    Gameme is honestly a lifesaver.

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    Welcome to the forums!

    Event coordinators host events, duhh

    Events u can find on the breaking news page —>
    We did last man standing, last night

    Best way to get to know people, is the team speak server.


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    Quote Originally Posted by heidi View Post
    Welcome to the forums!

    Event coordinators host events, duhh

    Events u can find on the breaking news page —>
    We did last man standing, last night

    Best way to get to know people, is the team speak server.

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    Welcome my dude, As Heidi said, event coordinators plan and host events, events happen hopefully every 2-3 days, with multiple games having their own events.
    and without a doubt its Theodore (duh)
    MS AT+ Media support.
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    You can see all the events planned on the calendar

    Have an idea for an event? Need help recruiting someone? Want to join ego?
    Add me on steam or discord and I can help you out.
    Discord: 3dsam#3179

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    welcome back

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    Welcome! I'm glad you asked such a question, as only 5heads are prepared to answer with a logical and reasonable response, such as myself.

    The argument in favor of Theodore consists of three points. Firstly, Theodore likely has the smallest penis (evidenced by his low self esteem throughout the franchise). This would allow Eleanor to most easily preform fellatio. Secondly, Eleanor is a large girl, she knows how to eat. Her weight suggests that her mouth is a precision machine, which might give her an advantage in oral sex. Thirdly and finally, it could be argued that Theodore has ascended to a higher state based on the expression on his face and his relaxed posture. If this is true, Theodore has a strong case for best head.

    Working against Theodore is a strong point. He is clearly fast asleep. This means one of two things: either the head was so stale that he passed out, or the head is so good and he’s falling asleep from post nut bliss (but then she shouldn’t be sucking). This simple reality calls into question the quality of the head that Theodore is getting.

    Alvin is certainly reacting much more strongly than his brothers, this perhaps shows a superior experience. Most head activities do not lead men to doing the jumpman. Alvin may be a chipmunk, but he’s not a chumpmunk, and this ain’t his first rodeo. He’s been shown to be the coolest in his crew and as such has likely gotten some spectacular head in his time. A man of experience reacting as strongly as he is indicates Brittany’s potentially fantastic dome skills.

    The quality of Alvin’s experience hinges on the quality of his relationship. Brittany is shown to be the most popular of the Chipettes and thus may not feel the need to put in the same amount of effort that Eleanor and Jeanette likely are, lack of enthusiasm could be harming her performance. Throughout the movies and source material, Alvin is a dramatic individual who often overreacts to situations creating comedic relief. It is not just possible, but likely, that his over the top reaction is not because he’s getting his soul sucked out, but because he wants to boost the ego of his girl. While this is a valiant effort, head isn't theater, they’re honest to god work.

    Lastly is Simon. The nerd, the quiet observer, the self proclaimed “smart one”. His geeky status may mean that this is his first sexual experience, and his equally nerdy girlfriend may be for the first time giving head. In the movies, Jeanette is shown to be the most quiet and conservatively dressed of the Chipettes. This prudish lifestyle could be evidence that she won’t get freaky with it.

    As always in life, looks can be deceiving. Simon and Jeanette are in a committed relationship. It is cannon that they find love in one another. And the notion that because Jeanette is a nerd she doesn’t give bomb head is foolish. Simon is having an out of body experience while Jeanette slobs on his knob like it’s an acorn. This is not her first time.

    In conclusion, Simon is getting the best head. He has no reason to fake a reaction, he isn’t asleep, his girl is putting in effort, and his face says it all. His damn legs are lifting off the couch like the lord is pulling him to heaven. While many of mans great questions must go forever unanswered, “Who’s getting the best head?” can finally be put to rest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by not webby View Post
    only 5heads are prepared to answer with a logical and reasonable response
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