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    Default Goodbye 2Fort Server, Hello Rotation Server!

    Our 2Fort server is about to be replaced with the Rotation server. But don’t panic, it is featuring several of our favorite custom maps including Ruined 2Fort which is even better than 2Fort. It also contains a lot of our favorite standard maps. Have fun on Rotation!
    Here’s the full listing of available maps:

    • ctf_2fort_ruined_b2x
    • koth_edifice_b1c
    • cp_blackmesa_final
    • ctf_convoy_v2
    • cp_process_final
    • pl_upward
    • pl_badwater
    • cp_dustbowl

    Here are some of the commands you can use in the server in all chat:

    • !nominate - this adds the map to the top of the next vote.
    • !rtv - this starts the vote for the next map earlier in the round if enough people agree with you.

    The Rotation Server is live!
    The IP will be the same as 2Fort's current one:
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    possibly i mightve missed it somewhere or maybe you guys already did, but what was the reasoning for replacing 2fort instead of one of the others?

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    The deadest server (Turbine) will be replaced by the Jailbreak Server.
    At the time of the decision, the next deadest server was a tie with 2Fort and Harvest. Since the rotation server will have Ruined 2Fort on it, we did not see the benefit of having 2 servers with 2Fort maps. That is the reasoning behind the decision.

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    Lets rock these new servers guys, best way to recruit is to be on the server !

    Who’s with us ?
    have any questions about becoming a real doctor? PM me !

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    Rotation Server is now live as the pre-specified IP.

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    If anyone would like to suggest maps, now would be the time!
    I'll throw in my suggestions, I'll give 5 seeing as adding every map in the game is kinda cheating lol
    If you'd be kind to notice, most are comp maps, it works in comp really well, so why not here?

    • cp_snakewater_final1
    • cp_metalworks
    • cp_sunshine
    • cp_vangaurd
    • pl_effigy

    Links to any custom maps:
    A *push* of war payload map in which both teams try to push the cart to the other side of the map.
    Similar to a normal payload but both teams can now push the cart in their direction!

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    @dryden and I were having fun on it earlier ! Come on and bring your friends, family and pets !
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    have any questions about becoming a real doctor? PM me !

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