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    Default DAPS (Game Section problem)

    In the DAPS Sign up, after the username there is a game section , in the game section i cant choose CSGO i want to sign up for TTT server but in DAPS it wont let me choose CSGO ,anyone please help me. There are also other games i cant choose, some games i can choose, the games which i cant choose have lighter color then the games which i can choose

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    have you added your source/steam id to maul?
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    When I add my steam id in maul it gives an error which is,
    There was a problem processing the response from the external site.
    and also i have made 2 accounts so that can be a problem
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    We've gone through this together. I would like you to please stop trying to make new accounts and applying when youre not 13 yet. You can get your parents to fill the proper COPPA forms, or you could wait until February when you turn 13
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    In case you don't know what COPPA is and how eGO requires it, you can find an article detailing the full details here.

    If your mom/dad/legal guardian does not want to do that, you will have to wait until you are 13.
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