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    Default (csgo minigames) Remove mg_warmcup_headshot_csgo3

    I feel this map should be removed, the reason being is we are a pg13 community, and on this map there is a minigame with a bunch of inappropriate things on it, and I don't see how it can be classified as pg-13.

    Whats up with the dislikes, if its because you like the map that makes sense, if you feel that it is pg-13, then please actually say something. But coming from a LE member and 2 eGOs I would hope you could see my point of this
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    @3dsam1 I disagree that the map should be removed for the sole purpose of cartoonish phallus's appearing in one arena. The map is a classic that has been around for a while and I personally feel has been ingrained in the CS MG community.

    This argument is similar to jb_dojo hentai room. A lot of inappropriate images that are pg-13 questionable however the map isnt being removed cause of this. Usually maps are removed or edited if the content is extremely inappropriate such as straight up porn or gore.

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    + i agree

    and @Jacko makes good points, but i personally, felt so uncomfortable playing on this map/particular room... And ive been playing MG for a while. Unlike maps where there is a 'hentai room' somewhere in the map, or small aspects that i can turn my character away from that may be inappropriate. But everywhere i look on this map/level of map, is... bad.

    I felt extremely uncomfortable playin on this, jumping around *ehem*... it's just not appropriate, and i dont think this should be allowed on the server, expecially on the second image in the whole upper right, it moves. o-o

    These images have inappropriate contennnt

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    Perhaps it is cartoonish but does that change anything? What would happen if someone had one of those images as a forum profile picture, would that would be fine? If someones avatar is that on teamspeak, would no one really do anything? The hentai room in dojo is another matter as it is explained in the admin training manual, you can see that stuff on tv all the time so is that really the same? It being in here for a while should not matter at all, I just find it odd how we can have something like this in a map yet not allow excessive swearing
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    The difference between the two maps is the hentai room doesn't have any exposed nudity. just a lot of anime girls with very little clothing in very suggestive positions

    I don't think we should jump the gun and just up and remove the map, as @Jacko said it is a classic and has been around for awhile. If anything I feel we should look into removing this specific arena from the map before making any drastic decisions.
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    Damon your right, that would be better. If that's at all possible that would be much better but if not, after all of my time on minigames that's the first time I have ever seen it played. I don't feel it would be that big of a deal if we removed it.
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    Yikes, although I don't really have a valid point for it not to be removed, if it does get removed, it would be a sad day, I like this map solely for this part and it would definitely be missed for the memes. I personally don't think this map should be touched because I don't think it's really affecting anyone and it's just a big meme, but if I'm wrong then it might just have to be looked at.

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    -1 don't think a dick made out of 4 polygons is worth removing a map for, worst case scenario edit it out

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    I didn't even know this map was added to mg tbh. I recommended it tho and thought it wont get through due to that particular map.
    That being said it is what you call a classic. Its been a gem in the mg map pool for over 5 years.
    Yes it is "inappropriate", but it could be way worse.
    If we can get someone to remove that part of the map I don't think people would get too upset, but removing that map completely can get some backlash.
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    now thats a spicy meme lads

    I'm really on the fence due to me not actually,,, playing minigames enough but the pictures linked definitely show some stuff that is not very PG-13.
    If anything (as stated above) just edit that specific arena out. :)
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