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    Default [MS] Codenames, Tuesday the 19th


    Host: Shalom
    Co-Host: Blazey

    Codenames is a game where you have two teams and a spymaster on each team. The spymaster must try and have the rest of the team guess certain words by giving them one word that relates to one or more words on the board. They must do this without using any of the words on the board. The team that selects all of their words first wins.

    How do I attend?
    Make sure that you're in our teamspeak ( a little before the time displayed below. If a browser game, make sure to register beforehand so you're able to join as soon as possible, it'll make more time for playing.

    Game Link(s)

    Event times
    PST: 5PM | EST: 8PM
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    Hope i can attend
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