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    Default Readd These Maps to JB


    I'm just here to humbly suggest some maps for jailbreak, I have two specifically in-mind. Now these maps have been on the server before, so they aren't entirely new, but one of them, the last one, is one I've never played before and would like to see.

    Here are the maps:

    [+] Grand Marble

    [+] Stoneridge

    I wouldn't know where you'd find the maps, but all I know is that they have been on the server before. If there is a newer version for them, then use that one. Now, here is why I want these two maps added back.

    For the first one, Grand Marble, I would like to see it added as a challenge map. Back when it was added for a little bit a few months ago, it was never played because it was almost impossible to win as a CT. This was because the CT's (no offense) sucked back then. Now that they aren't AS bad, I'd like to see them, myself included, try to dominate this map. (I might have the wrong map in mind, I just knew that all of the actual prison-type maps by Rouge Sniper were very hard. might be maximum_redux.. I dunno)

    For the second, Stoneridge, I know absolutely nothing about. I was digging around the forums and saw that people really enjoyed it. I never got to, so I would like to experience it.

    I would love to hear your guy's opinions on this, thanks!
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    At this time we do not feel that these maps would work on our server. Thanks for the suggestion~

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