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    Default FiveM Police/drug location RP fix

    In this post I will lay out why it is infeasible for cops to be allowed to go to “known drug pickup and drop off locations”. I put that in quotations for a very good reason.

    The biggest and irrefutable point is that if a location gets busted, then that place is abandoned *immediately*. This is not just an opinion, it’s why many drug cartels keep setting up in jungles, and keep going deeper, and deeper. It’s why in the popular “Breaking Bad,” that they chose a mobile location. Now since moving the locations is a bad idea without informing the local career drug dealers, the concept has to be along the lines of the cops never “knowing” where the locations are. They may lead into there in an investigation, or stumble across it in their duties, but it just doesn’t work that they know where a place is that would have changed the moment they knew about it.

    Point 2 would be that it makes for loweffortRP. “Hey I feel like catching some criminals, let’s go down to the hidden drug location.” Selling locations may be fine if there’s a few selling locations to just go check out, because the consumers are always going to be in the one area, meaning that selling locations will actually be limited. As for this, it seems like a cop will be bored, decides to do something that would not realistically be possible.

    The idea of going to a raw drug/chemical location may be true IRL for lazy low effort drug people in real life, and you could implement a place that can be visited by police, but we’re dealing with career criminals, not only first timers. The sort of person that would get caught so easily would be someone that goes to a store and buys all the “sudo” they have. This would have already raised flags, and police would be poised to investigate the situation. On the other hand, a career criminal does everything they can to hide all nefarious dealings. Once again in “Breaking Bad,” it seems wild to have a drug lab hidden below a dry cleaners, but not unreasonable, because it’s all about not having cops be able to know, or see what goes on at those locations.

    The final points pertain to, specifically so far, poppy seeds. Extracting resin immediately from a flower is not feasible, it really should have been flowers, and should be only purified during processing. This gives players the ability to role play, as opposed to being steam rolled into, “you’re going to gaol.”

    I have had family that lived in rural parts of Canada that had poppies, and would even use the seeds for home remedies. When they were found to have them, they didn’t go to court, or even get a fine. They were just told they were being taken away, and to not have them again.

    It’s my understanding that there’s no official book keeping of previous crimes? That’s unfortunate if true, but will have to run off the officers memory if someone is found with with them previously.

    In this regard, it’s unfortunate that many of these points actually violate this rule - “Powergaming – Forcing players into narrow scenarios by giving them no means to expand their personal play.”

    Final addendum. It “feels unfair.” There’s probably many reasons, but so far, this is all I can be bothered to write, but the fact that this seems quite universal amongst non-cops, means there’s something wrong with it, as it currently is. I’m trying to keep this short, but explaining many different angles in limited ways that I know how to present logic.

    What I’m suggesting is not that difficult to implement as there is no need for coding. Just add to the police’s out of character training, “Do not go to drug pickup and manufacturing locations for the purposes of looking for drug related crimes. If someone reports illegal activities, or has overheard people talking about it at a location/about going to the location for illegal reasons, then that is a legitimate reason. The concept is that the location is abandoned after a bust, and then becomes unknown again.”

    If in the future a better solution, ie. the ability to plant your own drugs in any fertile land, then this can be abandoned, as a different style of role play that is realistic can be adopted.
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    In my opinion, materials used to make drugs with the new system are generally household products. What PD needs is a simple list of Illegal items to be in possession of, everything else requires investigation to determine it's drug related.

    I personally believe if you are found with the new raw materials, they should not be considered illegal unless you are carrying a mixture of items that would be used to make said narcotics.

    I don't think the known drug location thing is an issue, if you make it too realistic, drug dealers will never be caught. But from a police perspective, we should have to do legitimate investigation to connect raw materials to a crime, otherwise they should be considered legal.

    Ultimately I feel we need a list of illegal to possess mixtures/narcotics and everything else requires investigation to turn into a drug charge.

    I don't believe "Not patrolling drug locations" should be a thing. I feel that given this is a game, we need an opportunity to to investigate and connect the dots. But we have to have steps that lead to a stop or a search at these locations like we did with the old system.

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    So i have run into police here and i feel like its being camped by police because they said they watched me pull in and start picking the stuff up to then turn it into drugs, but anyways the other cop said "Well when i walked over to the bush it said poppies like tf? but anyways heres the video..

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    Dear Edge Gamers,

    I do have to agree with this, it should not be cops can just role up to one location at any time and see if someone is there. maybe cops cant check it during the day or something. Or maybe there should be a better record base cops can use to see if u have priors for drug selling. if you are caught selling drugs and they catch you picking the plants or processing then they can fine you. I understand it gives more things to do for the cops but it becomes you are constantly spending hours picking just to loose about over an hour of work, and there doesn't seem to much we can do about it. we can sit there with guns and just kill any cop that pulls up, but that would seem a bit chaotic. a solution where both parties benefit would be greatly appreciated.
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    Nobody is forcing you to fill up the entire trunk before packing up and heading out. The longer you stay there, the bigger the risk you run of being caught.

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