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    Default BF2 subscription

    What is the subscription that will kick players in game so you can go in to play
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    I may be wrong but I do not think we have one like that. I think you can just cut the Que.

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    Hey @Torelockk, you are thinking of Dedicated Supporter. @Ridge_V2 is correct I believe - you just bump queue, "Server join priority". Doesn't actually kick people. Full list of features here:

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    the reason im asking is we have a ego member when they log in it tells you you were removed so they can come in has happened to me and also Major Trubble last night
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    Happened to me before too where I was kicked from the game while in the middle of a round.

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    It was me and I'm sorry for Major Trouble because the kick is random, but yes when you're "Dedicated Supporter" you have a priority to get into the game without waiting when the server is full and that's one of the reasons I subscribe.

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    I have been a supporter for 4 years and havent had the opportunity to do that, but could be the amount i donate

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    Hello Torelockk,

    I see your name was not blue, perhaps you need to activate your "User group" in your profil for it to work for you too!!

    "Permission Group" :
    - "User Group" : eGO Dedicated Supporter : "Identify me as a member of this group"

    Hope it will work for you too

    have fun and good day...

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    This issue has been found and fixed, it should not happen again
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    Thanks for paid "Dedicated Supporter" and now on the queue 3/3???

    Why this issue has been found and fixed?

    The only fixe for Dedicated Supporter is waiting and paid for "No Server join priority" ???

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