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    Default The most legend person that has ever touched face of the computer gaming world

    Hey guys, been on here for awhile, well since its EGO and no pg anymore I guess i'm new and was just saying hello to everyone. See you in-game! And do not be afraid to comment on my steam profile along with sending a friend request to me.
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    Hi! Hope to see you around in CS:GO!
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    I'm afraid your claims are false
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    Welcome to EdgeGamers! Enjoy your stay here with us! Make sure you connect to the Team Speak 3, and introduce yourself to people!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WaSe View Post
    I'm afraid your claims are false
    I can prove you wrong

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    Welcome to eGO. I hope you enjoy your time here in the community. See ya around!

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    Seen you around here and there, hope to see you more on the servers! Should definitely stop by TTT from time to time.
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    @Legend must confirm you are the most legend, but I believe in you. Welcome and congratulations my friend !

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