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    Default Media Team Recruitment

    Media Team Recruitment
    11/11/19 | Writer: lofi, december, Cloud, Architect of Life | Art: Coder | Editor: Thorium | #edgegamers #recruitment #mt

    As time goes on, EdgeGamers constantly grows to a bigger audience and a bigger audience comes a greater need of news to be broadcasted. What better way of making the news that eGO puts on the homepage even better, than to join the Media Team itself! If you have a good standing in the community and are ranked =(e)= or higher, you can be responsible for the next post that goes up on the homepage!

    Media Team isn't just for writing however, it is also home to many talented individuals who specialize in their own ways, such as video production, graphic design, and social media. If you're curious about any of these positions, then hear from the people in charge themselves about what you can do to help contribute to the community as a whole.

    Writers - Manager: @Thorium
    Writers for eGO are one of the many roles that the Media Team has to offer. The writing team writes anything from the introduction to The Nameless Podcast, to a summary of the past month's news from each division. Writers are assigned to a certain task and given the ability to write as they please, producing content for the community and keeping everyone informed.

    Artists - Manager: @december
    Artists create the eye-catching images that are displayed within our homepage as well as breaking news. Artists make images for various topics to help bring awareness to the community and introduce new styles of art that eGO has never seen before. If photoshop and having a good schedule is your thing, becoming an artist is great for you!

    Video Editors/Recorders & Interviewers - Manager: @Cloud
    Members of Video Production (Recording and/or Editing) work together to produce the content that gets put out on the official EdgeGamers YouTube channel. Those familiar with the Meet the Leadership series will also be familiar with the interviewers present throughout the videos. If you got a good microphone and a thing for speaking, being an interviewer may just be your thing! Prefer to be behind the scenes and record gameplay footage and edit videos? Try applying to the Video Editor or Video Recorder position.

    Social Media - Manager: @Architect of Life
    Social Media is looking for talented members of the community who can demonstrate fluency and adaptability to new platforms of media. Social Media encompasses our presence on other platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The responsibilities in a broad sense are to engage with an audience and grow our reach elsewhere besides our own servers and forums via posts and discussions, i.e. community interaction. In the most basic sense, this is achieved by posting and regular interaction with these posts.

    Do any of these positions interest you or a friend? Tell yourself (or them) to apply for media!
    Want to join? Just click this link!

    Check EdgeGamers out on Social Media:
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    please join the media team they are ok people
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    Hey @Thorium is sent a few but im not sure weather they actually sent or not so could i get your steam account just to send it on there or do you specifically want to do it on here?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chills View Post
    Hey @Thorium is sent a few but im not sure weather they actually sent or not any way i could get your steam account?
    All good things take time! It'll definitely be viewed, patience is key my friend.

    Edooooott: You can always find eGOs in TeamSpeak if it's important

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    @Divinity Oh its not my application i sent a few dms but they didnt show up in my sent box also i realize i worded the message horribly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chills View Post
    @Divinity Oh its not my application i sent a few dms but they didnt show up in my sent box
    Yessir. I made the same mistake. You have to check the little box that says Subscribe/Save in Inbox. Otherwise they'll receive it and you wont see it till a response is sent. I remember a certain someone spammed a leader about a million times because they didn't realize it actually got sent xD

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    if just a i was a good writer that would look fine i would apply, buuuuuuut i got other plans :D
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    but im a great guy just add me i dont bite


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    guys media team is cool you should join :)
    trust me please im media :) :)
    Shalom, Member Services Event Coordinator and Social Media in Media Team

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    wanna work along side some more ppl on social! pls apply, ur cool, thnx

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